Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sad Yes But You Know What Strength Is.

So many times I've tried to write a blog. Each time I wrote it must be like hot hot chicken shit. Feel like this is for family farsightseeing, here I started to feel so so important to let them know how beautiful my life is.

Here we go bebeh!

I know ya I know. Everyone has this impression when it comes to;

"Dia nak pergi belajar kat obersea la wei."
"Anak dia dapat scholar JPA belajar kat Russia. Wow wow!"
"Ada company tawarkan dia kerja kat Dubai. Best gile!"


And I know you would have the sense of teringin sangat nak pi overseas!

Peeps, I just don't know how to express my feeling and how it feels when they asked and said;
Hang takot dak? Hang syoq dak? Apa perasaan hang nak pi sana? Syoq la wei boleh pi jalan jalan Europe!

Fear, sad, deeply missing everyone, happy, excited. They are all well mixed. You will have all these same feelings when you stepped into my shoes one fine day. Ok. Let's talk. I've been very busy for last two weeks. My sister knew that I slept only after 2.00 am everyday cause she loved staying up till subuh. Ayah was very particular about everything. I need to ensure that all things are well progressed. If not, phewwww! My ears would be reddish hearing bang bang boom from ayah. And the preparation fuh fuh very hard. Shopping had been one of my priorities. Ayah was really like aiyouu! What's wrong with my daughter. She bought everything. Packets of Maggi, nasi goreng's paste, cans of sardine and etc. Ayah said that I could get them with very cheap price there. Ahh, I don't really care. Even a berus sabut I bring along in my luggage. But somehow this is not UiTM's balik hostel thingy. If before I used to take along all my stuffs to hostel or rumah sewa. This time I really need to set them limited. There are only several important things will be placed in my luggage.

So yeah I finally reached it! KLIA was very warm that night and looking at mummy's face I know this decision is hard for her. During our journey from Kedah to KL she kept reciting du'a. Mummy please accept my big thank you! Checked in, access luggaged cleared, hwuggings, salam and the hardest part was when I passed the International Departure Gate. The escalator's going down and when I turned my head back, that was the most melancholy moment. Everyone was waving hands towards us. I was searching for mummy's daddy's and sisters' hands. But you know, my ability to see people from 5-10 metres distance is too worse plus I did not put any assistant on my eyes. Too bad I couldn't trace them from far. T_T


Ayah at PLUS highway during our journey and somehow there was lori tangki Petronas had an accident and just imagine how worse the accident is by looking at the big smoke there. We stuck at the middle of highway for almost two hours and I was like hoho. Ya Allah please make our journey perfect. And HE granted it. Alhamdulillah.


My sistah looked very happy tengah tengah highway!

Stepping on MAS Plane this heart whispered bye bye Malaysia. Though I looked very calm in front of them during hugging, but deep down this heart was very like sedey wei. Sedey sangat! Melancholickan? Iyerrr! I won't be able to see all them my beloveds for several months. Eceh Arifah. Like you gonna stay in Europe for 3 years. Buat teruk lahh.


Mummy at KLIA. Waiting for me during my solat.


Youngest one was also there. We picked her up at UIA PJ because she was eagerly to send me though she knew only after 12.00 am she would be able going back Uni.

Somehow, that 12 hours flight was very tiring. My throat sores plus I had a very bad flu. Thank you to Allah SWT that He saved our journey and the plane landed safely.


Luckily we're six with three heroes! Applicable when doing heavy jobs lifting.


First posing at Frankfurt International Airport.


Me and Sherip.

One thing that you really need to know is life here is too way very different from Malaysia. It's not like what you and I expecting it to be.

Till we meet on the next post peeps.