Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good life

We went for classes these days. Yesterday morning we had English class. Surprisingly, the teacher did not know that he will be meeting us. Might be some errors from administration part that he's not being told about that. It was just a simple class. We had long conversation with the teacher and the students.


The teacher definitely interested to know about Malay and to be more exact is Islam. At their first gaze, Muslims are like in one box classified as terrorist. As they started to know us by inch, they changed the idea. They asked about everything. Why wearing hijab. Why do we have to pray 5 times per day. Why do we need to obey God. What will happen if we ignore the rules. Why need to eat halal foods. What is halal actually. So much what and why were asked. Explaining them about Islamic law is not that simple because they got zero knowledge about this religion. They tend to ask more and more as they have to understand each point from the basic.

For example, when I told them that we have to pray 5 times per day there will be a sequence of questions.

Q: Could we just pray that 5 times in one whole morning or evening?
A: No, we have specific time for each prayer.

Q: When?
A: From Subuh which is early dawn, Zohor in the afternoon and so on.

Q: What are Subuh, Zohor and so on mean?
A: Syafiq took out the prayer schedule from his bag. Hard for us to explain them the actual definition of each prayer period.

From their view, they found that the way we're living now is difficult. We're not free like them. We don't get fun like they did, we have to wake up early in the morning to pray, we have the proper way to cover the aurat and etc. One funny question had been asked: why don't we choose any other religions that would make our life easier because for them, they're free to choose. They can do whatever they like. Convincing them about eternal life after death is our job. You know, it's not same like you can explain about Islam with Malaysian people in Malay language. You need the simplest English language that could make them understand easily. But then they're good in respecting individual belief and faith.


Everyone's free to subscribe any kinds of religion as long as we practise harmony. Felt delighted that we can introduce them the ideology of our religion.The teacher himself told us that Western world think that they are good enough, advance enough and modern enough compare to others. On his hand he thinks to the opposite of that. Put a thought people.


Still we have time for 'lagha' after classes. Phew..

Pizza at Turkey Restaurant.

Ice Cream at Hauptstrasse.

Big Summer Sale.

Take care!